Results of fuel consumption dynamometer test at Caterpillar facility. 
On January 25, 2013, a 2006 Western Star with a Caterpillar C10 engine was driven to

the Caterpillar Toromont facility in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Once connected to the

computer, the fuel was tested to determine the fuel quality using a hydrometer.

Following a warm up process, two tests were performed. The PAR test focused on

multiple engine performance parameters while the fuel weight test was to illustrate

fuel consumption readings. A separate 13 gallon fuel tank on a weigh scale was utilized.

The fuel was taken from the truck for this. The first run on the dynamometer was

performed without Eco-Tek products. Eco-Tek Super Lubricant and 4-in-1 Diesel

Treatment were then added to the oil and fuel and the truck idled for approximately

one hour. The second run was then performed for exactly the same period as the first run.

After one hour in the engine oil and fuel tank with Eco-Tek lubricants, an improvement

of 11.2% in fuel economy was observed. Even though the diesel fuel was of a very high

quality to begin with, a density of 95, Eco-Tek Diesel Treatment improved the density

by 3 points. In addition, detailed engine parameters such as fuel rate, HP and exhaust back pressure were improved. 

A one hour dynamometer test is insufficient to achieve maximum results. In a real world environment with increased time and mileage, results, particularly on long haul trucks should will be higher. 

- fuel weight prior to first run: 96.4 lbs.
- fuel weight following first run: 71.4 lbs.
- fuel consumed: 25 lbs.

Eco-Tek oil and fuel additives were then added, the truck idled for one hour and a second test was performed for the same duration.
fuel weight before 2nd run: 97.2 lbs.
fuel weight following 2nd run: 74.9 lbs.
fuel consumed: 22.2 lbs.

Difference in fuel consumption: 2.8 lbs.
Reduction in fuel consumption: 11.2%.

Test results that are cited on this website are a compilation of and direct reference to various tests performed on the company’s products by independent testing facilities and in-house testing by the company. Although we believe all tests conducted by the company to be accurate, we cannot guarantee our products will yield the same results outside of the controls and lab conditions set forth in our studies. We believe that the independent test results are accurate within the margin of error suggested by the various testing facilities but cannot guarantee the same results will be achieved outside the controlled testing environment of the contracted laboratories and facilities. Testimonials contained on this website are provided by third parties and we cannot attest to their accuracy. 


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