Oil Analysis

Measuring is knowing. Know how to read and understand your oil analysis data.

Oil sampling and oil analysis

The purpose of oil sampling is to achieve the highest level of machine performance and reliability by checking the condition and the contamination level of the oil.

Based on the oil analysis results benchmarks can be established and machines with critical levels will be identified.

Where to take an oil sample?

Derive the oil from a preferably upwards pointing pipe with continuous flow to produce a representative sample. Sampling points fitted on the lower perimeter of a pipe tend to allow depositing of particles in the sampling valve.

A sample taken between the pump and the filter housing of an off-line filter is normally the worst contaminated part of the oil system, and therefore the most representative for the total systems contamination load..

If no off-line filter system is installed a vacuum type sampling pump is a valid option. In such case the sample should be drawn 10 cm off the lowest part of the tank.

To take an oil sample, the following is required:

·       a 200 ml particle free glass bottle

·       a five litre open oil container

·       a cloth

Please read the following instructions carefully before taking the oil sample.

1.   Place the oil container beneath the sampling valve.

2.   Open and close the valve five times and leave it open.

3.   Flush the pipe by draining one litre into the container.

4.   Open the sample bottle but avoid contamination to ingress.

5.   Place the bottle under the oil flow without touching the sampling valve.

6.   Fill the bottle approximately 80% full.

7.   Place the cap on the bottle immediately after taking the sample.

8.   Shake the bottle, empty the oil in the container and repeat filling.

9.   Close the sampling valve.

10.      All samples must be clearly marked with reference number, machine reference number, machine make and model, place of sampling, date and oil type/make.

Samples should only be collected with the machine operating at normal working temperature.

When sampling for particle counting the method is very important.
Remember that you can never make a sample any better (cleaner) than the oil in the system, but it is easy to make it worse


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