Bypass Oil Purification

Eco-Tek  Bypass Oil Purification System  remove particles down to 2 micron, but also remove water and oxidation residues.





Efficient oil filtration is a necessity and improving oil cleanliness results in important savings. Everybody agrees.

But how can solid particles as well as water and sludge be removed?


Very simple... with ECO-TEK  BYPASS OIL PURIFIRER !

Eco-Tek  bypass filters are based on the AXIAL flow principle whereby the oil has to pass a filter mass of 114 mm! That's very different from the 1-2 mm thickness of conventional inline filters.

In addition Eco-Tek bypass filters use a specially designed cellulose medium that allows absorption of water and oxidation residues.

That makes Eco-Tek  bypass filters all-in-one OIL CLEANING devices, and not just oil filters.

One of the reasons for Eco-Tek’s efficiency and high level of performance is because it executes optimum filtration principles and mechanisms into practice:

Low flow, low pressure, no flow and pressure pulses & axial filtration combined with patented cellulose filter material that forces the oil to pass through 114 mm of oil filter material.The result is a filtration system that, with one filter element enables efficient removal of solid particles water sludge, resins and oxidation products. 3 functions, all within 1 single filter element!


Filter element setup

Made from a special cellulose material 1 wound onto central core 2 it combines micro and depth filtration by using the axial filtration principle (flow direction from the top 3 to the bottom 4).

A card sleeve 5 compresses the lower part to increase the density.

A non-woven cloth 6 protects the base and stops particle and media migration.

All elements are fitted with 2 lifting strips 7 for easy removal.


After a few weeks in operation you will see your dark coloured oil gradually clearing and becoming as brilliant as new.

This combination of 3 features and the high level of efficiency for each make the Eco-Tek  unique in oil filtration, world-wide.

Evolution of the contamination in a hydraulic system:
Eco-Tek System  not only cleans the oil, but also keeps it constantly clean.


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