Eco-Tek Group Inc. is committed to the manufacturing and world-wide marketing of green lubricants and specialized systems with an emphasis on the automotive sector but also applicable to a variety of industrial, farm and virtually all mechanical equipment.

Our major priorities are a cleaner environment, a reduction in fuel and oil consumption and longer lasting engines and equipment. Through many years of product development and extensive testing, we are fully confident that our products will most often exceed the performance results of our competition and always offer significant benefits to our customers.

For a response to any questions and inquiries regarding our company, please forward an e-mail to or contact us directly @ 613-322-6633.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 23, 2014) - Eco-Tek Group Inc. (ETEK) is pleased to announce the establishment of Eco-Tek EU. "Mr. Slawek Jasinski has been appointed as Vice President, European Operations for Eco-Tek Group Inc. and will head up Eco-Tek EU" stated Mr. Stephen Tunks, CEO, "Mr Jasinski brings a wealth of experience to the Eco-Tek team and we are very proud to have him on board". Mr. Jasinski's prime responsibilities are to lead the Company through the processes required for certification in the European marketplace, which will involve partnering with various European Universities and Government Agencies and to set up our distribution in Europe. Eco-Tek expects the European operation to provide a significant increase in our business prospects for this year, allowing the Company to reach the upper end of our revenue targets for 2014. We will see a demo order shortly that will provide the ground work for significant shipments to Europe. Our Auditors have received the full accounting package with regards to the 10K filing and are proceeding with the Audit at a very aggressive pace. After the weekend they will provide an update on the status of the filing. The Company is providing every assistance that we can to get the filing done.

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2013) - Eco-Tek Group Inc. (ETEK) is pleased to announce that their Chile distributor, KEFREN Proveedores Industriales LTDA, has placed its first order for Eco-Tek products. The order will support the first group of installations for the Santiago Bus Company and the Waste Disposal Service. "Eco-Tek will ship, by air, approximately $50,000 of the order this month," stated Mr. Stephen Tunks, Eco-Tek CEO, "This early shipment will allow installations to get underway quickly.

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TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 16, 2014) - Eco-Tek Group Inc. (ETEK) is pleased to provide further update information with regards to the 10K filing. Our Chartered Accountants have now completed their work on our Consolidated Books and after consulting with our Auditors Wednesday with regards to their work product have decided on several adjustments and now expect have the books to the Audit team by the end of the business day Friday.

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TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 12, 2014) - Eco-Tek Group Inc. (ETEK) is pleased to provide update information with regards to the 10K filing. Our Certified General Accountant has completed her work and provided the work product to our Chartered Accountants, SRCO, in Toronto. Over this last weekend they have consolidated the books and will be consulting with our Auditors today and tomorrow with regards to passing the books to the Auditors in preparation for the 10K filing. Our CGA has begun work on the 10Q for First Quarter of 2014. We expect this filing to be ready right after the 10K is filed. Please also note that we have rectified the situation with regards to the link on our Investors page that goes to SEC filings. This link will function properly again in the next few days. To provide further information Eco-Tek will host a Conference Call for investors, to be scheduled shortly, with regards to Company status, 2013 Annual results, first quarter 2014 results, the Company's recent successes and the Company direction with respect to the balance of 2014.
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