"Fabulous products. My equipment runs smoother and quieter. I see less emissions and more power. Also, I haven't  had to boost one vehicle this winter. Our oil and fuel costs were down about $90,000.00 last year and $80,000.00 the previous year".

Bill visited us with his assistant (a chemical engineer) on a service call and I suggested he try our products. He was back a few months later and related this story. He noticed the Eco-Tek Super Lubricant stopped his Jeep from burning oil. He belongs to a Jeep club and said that all the Jeeps of that year had similar problems. They had contacted Chrysler and were told that this was normal. "Two litres in 4,000 kms is not acceptable". Various oils and products were tried without success. Even Royal Purple, one of the more expensive racing oils did not correct the problem. We suggested trying your Super Lube on your next oil change. His 2005 Jeep did not burn a drop of oil after that. He told the whole club, put it on the web site and his blog.  

"With just one small bottle of Eco-Tek in my Turbo diesel tow truck, my onboard computer read 19.4% better mpg almost immediately.  I should have put 2.4 bottles really to fill the 10L capacity (letter on file). 

"My Hummer was only getting about 420 kms. per tank. After a Eco-Tek treatment, I documented the results and there was a dramatic improvement in fuel economy. I got almost 600 kms".

"At a gas station, I put the your fuel treatment in the gas tank of my Corolla with 180,000 km on the engine. Then I filled the tank as normal. I felt the difference even before I got off the lot. More power. I usually drove 600-625 kms per full tank. The first tank with Eco-Tek, I got 800 kms. Next I will  try the whole process and treat my wife's Camry as well".

After I heard some remarkable stories about Eco-Tek from one one my clients - an Ontario truck company, I was interested in the possibily of distributing your products. They seemed to be a perfect complement to my tire pressure monitoring products. When I came to your offices in Woodbridge, Ontario, you were kind enough to take the time toshow me all the products and explain the benefits of each one. You also showed me an impressive live demonstration and presentation video. Before adding Clik to my line of products, you suggested I try it in my own vehicle - a 2005 Toyota Corolla with 110km on it. I followed your instructions and appled the products the next week with the recommended engine flush and oil and filter change. I noticed the difference immediately. It starts easier (used to take 10 cranks before), idles down smoother and faster. It's also more powerful and responsive. The remarkable thing is this: my fuel economy has improved about 10% even though I know I am driving it harder because it feels sportier - like it did when it was new. Also, an incredible thing happened. The fan belt is not as noisy as it used to be. This is funny because I know your lubricant did not get on the fan mechanism or fan belt so I can only attribute this to the fact that the engine is now running smoother and easier. I think I will have great success promoting your "green" products". Great stuff!       

This letter is to acknowledge the tests performed by your products on three TDS trucking vehicles over a 6 month period. Eco-Tek was provided IFTA data and all other pertinent information regarding mileage and fuel consumption for a six month period prior to testing as well as for the six months of testing. The results were astounding, showing an increase of over 36%. Needless to say, the test was a complete success.  We have since entered all of our vehicles into this program and we are using Eco-Tek products on all of our trucks. 

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing product that I recently added to my engine oil of my 1969 Volvo vintage race car. My lap times at my last event at Mosport were consistently quicker by 3 seconds per lap, an improvement that translates to gaining 250 ft. per lap. We also noted that the engine ran cooler by 10 degrees and improved fuel economy without doing anything else to the car. Thanks again for a product that truly works.  

I was very hesitant when you first brought your products to my attention. I remember saying  'I am not putting anything in my truck'. However my husband put it in his 1997 Mack CH613. He does Ontario runs and was spending $1000 every two weeks on fuel. When he told me he now spends about $500 every two weeks on the same run. I had to try it in my own vehicle - a 2000 Montana. I used to spend $50 a week on gas from home to work and back. With one $18.95 bottle of Eco-Tek in my engine, I am now spending $25 to $30 on average, So I am saving the price of a bottle every week. Over the 10 week life of the oil, I will save about $340.00. I am now a believer. I love it.  

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