"I had a Kleen Oil bypass filter system on my Detroit Diesel. Last summer at the Fergus Truck Show, I replace it with a Eco-Tek/RRR one and put Eco-Tek additives in. I checked the oil after about a week and I thought there was no oil in the engine.- it was so clean. Usually it was black by this time. I also couldn't believe how well it was running - smoother, quieter, less smoke and more powerful". 

"We had just tested my Honda tuner and it was still on the dyno. We put in 155 ml of Eco-Tek and HP went up from 550 to 570! Then we  tested a supercharged Camaro V8 before and after Eco-Tek. Even though the car was hotter, everything went up....hp/torque/mpg, immediately. It should have been making less power". (video and dyno test printout on file).

your 100% 5w-40 synthetic, no more smoke on start-ups, smoother running and more power."

"We have a customer who has a 1995 Chev 1 ton pick up with a 45 big block. He uses it for off roading. He has been complaining about low torque, not enough power. He thought the engine was too heavy and he was going to replace it. We put two small bottles of Eco-Tek in has 5L of synrhetic oil and his problem was solved. He came in the next day extremely excited to tell me he had plenty of power now. I have also noticed a tremendous increase in low end torque with my pick up and amazingly have documented an 11.2% fuel efficiency increase.

"The dyno was a success. The results are proof on paper. I'm really not supposed to sell anything but HD product but this Eco-Tek works". (dyno test printout on file)

"I was a non-believer in additives until Eco-Tek solved a tough differential problem. An ambulance came in with a locking up rear axle when turning a corner. I rebuilt it twice - same thing. I saw the bottles of Eco-Tek on the shelf and so I said "what the heck, I'll try it". Problem solved".

"One customer was a loyal Lucas fan. He didn't want to try anything else. I finally convinced him to try Eco-Tek and he left for his usual trip home. He called me when he got there and said his gas gauge wasn't working because it hadn't moved like it usually did in that distance. I laughed. He now puts your products in everything" .

"Two bottles of Eco-Tek smoothed out my very rough VW diesel engine almost immediately. I had tried everything else. My mechanics were amazed".

"I neglected to put fuel stabilizer in my snowblower last spring so I was worried about starting it this winter. I put some Eco-Tek injector cleaner in and tried to start it. It started but was rough for about a minute. Then it smoothed out and threw the snow so far I had to laugh. I couldn't believe it".

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