Eco-Tek Group Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing an extensive range of green lubricants and trucking retrofits over a number of years primarily in Southern Ontario. Now, as we embark on an exiting journey to introduce our Eco-Tek brand products to The United States, an extended Canada and international markets, we offer only a few of the hundreds of testimonials we have received from satisfied customers over the past few years.

Through the constant improvement of Eco-Tek products and benefits as validated through a multitude of test resuts at accredited testing facilities, we are fully confident that from individual drivers to fleet owners, from cats to trucks to tractors to lawn mowers (any gasoline and diesel engines), our products will significantly improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

With reference to the following testimonials, please note that "Clik" products are now branded under the brand name of Eco-Tek.

"I've been happily selling Eco-Tek over 6 years. With Eco-Tek HD oil stabilizer, my Mazda gets 43% better mpg, more power and it's quieter. I was using another synthetic in my VW. With your 100% 5w-40 synthetic, no more smoke on start-ups, smoother running and more power."

With Eco-Tek products in my Volvo diesel transport, I am saving 250 L of fuel every 5,000 kms. For me, that equates to about 1500 L less fuel to buy every month and the performance is amazing - much less noise, much more power.

"Having been a licensed mechanic, I know the negative effects of friction. I have been using Eco-Tek for years. Eco-Tek dramatically improved the performance of my generator, doubled the fuel efficiency of my riding lawn mowers and my Honda Gullwing is still going while my friends have to stop for gas. I put it in every machine possible - even my boat."

"33% better hwy mpg in my truck with Eco-Tek. My wife asked me what oil I put in her vehicle as it performed much better than before. I have switched to Eco-Tek 100% synthetic from regular oil".

"Our Detriot diesel was using a gallon of oil every three days after a rebuild. The mechanics tore it down and engineers from Detroit Diesel couldn't figure it out. They put it back together - same problem. I went to Eco-Tek and put 1 L of your Super Lubricant and1 L of HD oil stabilizer in the oil and had the driver check it three days later. Oil was right up. I couldn't believe it so I sent my father to verify it. It was true, problem solved! They couldn't believe it. Eco-Tek is going on all my trucks.

"Unbelievable. Even though my truck is almost new, I maintain it very well and I was already using a very good (I thought) well known additive. With Eco-Tek, I documented over 20% better fuel economy and my truck runs like new again".

"I regularly travel to Florida and my truck always burns one litre of oil on the way down and another one on the way back. I used Eco-Tek this trip and even though I was pulling twice the load I usually do, I used no extra fuel. The incredible thing is that I did not burn any oil at all".  

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