Bypass Continuous Oil Purification System test and service procedures: 1) For large trucks : First, monitor your fuel consumption to get an accurate average mpg. Then, at the regular oil change interval, using a clean container, take a first oil sample as you drain the oil. This is very important as you need a starting point for comparison. I understand there is a lab you can use. Also, the analysis will tell you what condition the oil is in at the regular oil change interval. It will also tell you what condition the engine is in and preventative maintenance can be performed to save unnecessary and costly breakdowns. Send us a copy of the analysis for our records. We will give you our opinion of the results. 2) Change oil filters (and the centrifugal oil filter as well if it has one). 3) Install the bypass oil filter housing (element should be installed), you will need to get the appropriate length of hoses and proper fittings. This varies from truck to truck and it depends on where the mechanic chooses to install the unit).Our technical advisors can provide consultation if required. 4) Add 1 qt of our HD Oil Stabilizer and 1 qt of the Super Lubricant to the crankcase. Top up with new oil.

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MICRON RATING OF FLUID FILTERS Many times you see on a filter a micron rating which is supposed to be a way of telling how fine the filtration of the filter is. What is really a micron rating though? The word micron means 1μm (micrometer). A micrometer is a distance measurement unit, used in the metric system which equals to 0.001mm or 1 millionth of a meter. To better understand the size of a micron below are some comparative sizes: - Diameter of human hair: 70 microns - Lower limit of human visibility (with naked eye): 40 microns - White blood cells: 25 microns - Red blood cells: 8 microns - Bacteria: 2 microns - Tobacco smoke: 0.5microns What does the word micron mean in the filter rating though? A micron rating is a general way to indicate the ability of the filter to capture some particles of that size. The micron rating by itself though means nothing! If you see for example a filter that says the micron rating is 10 micron, then this is misleading as the manufacturer isn’t telling you all you need to know.

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At Eco-Tek, we understand the importance now, more than ever, to operate a clean, efficient trucking fleet. With rising fuel costs,strict Government regulations and increased competition, truck owners must capitalize on products designed to increase a truck's fuel economy,decrease emissions and lower operating costs. While the obvious benefits of fuel savings and reduced emissions are very compelling, the improved public image of environmentally conscious trucking companies is also a factor to be considered. Investing in the efficiency of your fleet can effect the overall image of your company while helping to strengthen relationships with customers who are interested in doing business woth environmentally reliable partners. Whatever your reason to improve your truck's overall fuel efficiency, Eco-Tek offers the right technology to achieve your goals. 


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