EcoTotal Oil Care

ECO TOTAL OIL CARE = stop changing oil - start cleaning!

Industry rides on an oil film of less than 10µ. This minimal oil film guarantees a perfect lubrication of your hydraulic machinery and gearboxes. Perfect lubrication however requires 100% clean oil. But that's just theory because practice shows that more than 70% of all hydraulic machinery are highly contaminated (> NAS 9, > ISO 21/18/16).

The result: increased wear and tear, pump and valve failures, leakages everywhere, regular oil changes, machine standstill, but most of all ... production loss!

Effective oil management is hard to achieve. Changing the oil and the system filters from time to time is not a guarantee for clean oil. But Total Oil Care is a result driven service with a full commitment to guarantee perfectly clean oil, at 50% of your actual oil cost!

Eco Total Oil Care includes following actions en services:


A total cleaning of your oil with our specialized Eco-Tek bypass oil cleaning service rigs.
Travel expenses, manpower and installation of the Eco-Tek bypass oil cleaning system on your machinery,
all are included in the service fee.
An oil sample is taken before and after the cleaning service. The oil samples are analyzed "on site", and the cleaning efficiency documented.
All activities are saved on individual machine files and reported to the manager in charge.
An official Eco-Tek service report with the guaranty for perfectly clean oil.

ETOC  is 50% cheaper than changing oil!

The ETOC filtration specialist performs the oil cleaning for ~50% of your actual oil cost. And this without unpleasant surprises, without any other extra cost.

ETOC  without extra investments
No need for investment budgets. ETOC will even make you save on your maintenance expenditures. Our ETOC filtration specialist will perform the oil cleaning with specialized Eco-Tek Bypass Oil Cleaning equipment. And this he will do for 50% of your actual oil cost. No extra manpower, no rent, no other charges.

ETOC increases machine reliability
With regular oil changes solid particles, water and oxidation products remain in the hoses and the system reservoir.
Contaminated oil will always lead to machine breakdowns and production loss sooner or later.
Thanks to ETOC this will not happen again.
Our ETOC filtration specialist will clean the total system and make sure no dirt will reside in the oil. Your oil remains in top condition = your production will perform under optimal conditions.

ETOC  replaces oil changing
When performing an oil change, you throw away oil because it‘s dirty, not because the oil is bad.
Thanks to ETOC there is no need to throw away dirty oil anymore.
Stop changing oil, start cleaning the oil.

ETOC increases production output
The ETOC filtration specialist will perform the cleaning while your machinery keeps on running.
No machine standstill for maintenance = increased production output.

ETOC serves our environment

Choosing ETOC makes you choose for sustainability.
With ETOC you avoid wasting your precious oil.
ETOC supports our environment and helps you saving on your maintenance costs.

ETOC is reliable
The ETOC filtration specialist will take an oil sample before and after cleaning and analyse the samples “on site”.
The analysis results guarantee the professional cleaning of your oil.
Your oil remains in top condition.


Let us sit together and check how much you can save thanks to Eco Total  Oil  Care.
Always at your service!


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