Through the use of our products, you will experience the following:

Our Super Lubricant, HP Oil Stabilizer and 4-in-1 Fuel Treament will reduce your fuel consumption particularly in vehicles 2 years and older. 
Our micro bypass oil purification system will triple your present oil change interval period resulting in substantial savings in oil consumption, labour, down time etc.

The overall benefits of our oil and fuel additives will also result in enjoying increased engine performance, reduced maintenance, extended engine life, a significant reduction in emissions and ultimately, a higher resale value for your vehicle.

There are numerous factors that influence fuel savings and vehicular performance including weather, idling time, driving habits, tire inflation, maintenance etc. Proper attention will result in even greater savings for your vehicle. 

Use our cost calculator designed for trucks and farm equipment. Evaluate your projected savings. Forward an e-mail or contact us directly @ 888-970-3265 if you wish to discuss your situation or require additional information. 

If you do not wish to install our full bypass system, you can purchase our liquid additives independently on our online shopping cart.  

For maximum performance, we recommend the following:

Add 1 quart of Super Lubricant to your new oil (every oil change|)
Add 1 quart of Oil Stabilizer to your new oil (every oil change)
*Add 1 quart of 4-in-1 fuel treatment to your fuel tank (every fill up)
Change filter element each month

*You may optionally add our 4-in-1 fuel treatment to your fuel tank every oil change but adding to your fuel tank each time you fill up will maximize performance.

When you purchase our full bypass program, you receive;
1 micro bypass oil purification system
3 quarts our Super Lubricant (covers three oil changes)
3 quarts of our Oil Stabilizer (covers three oil changes)
6 quarts of our 4-in-1 Fuel Treatment (for use on oil changes or every fill up as determined).
Full installation of our bypass system (including hoses and fittings)
6 filter elements (change monthly)

If you experience anything less than complete satisfaction performance with our products, please send us an e-mail or call us directly @ 888-970-3265 and we will work to satisfy you.

If you have multiple vehicles, an your own mechanics to install our system or unique circumstances, please contact us @ 888-970-3265 and we will prepare a customized proposal for your consideration.  


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