To achieve or maximum performance, add one 5 oz. (150 ml) container of Eco-Tek 4-in-1

Diesel Fuel Treatment  to your gas tank every month.

When you purchase a combination of our Super Lubricant and 4-in-1 Diesel Fuel Treatment,

you will receive our guarantee of performance. For further information, please refer to

 our buy online page.

Major features:

·         Effectively treats fuel injectors, fuel pumps and valves

·         Reduces wear and extends the life of mechanical parts

·         Reduces fuel consumption

·         Increases horse power and torque

·         Prevents freezing in winter

·         Reduces emissions

Eco-Tek 4-in-1 Diesel Treatment exceeds industry standards for lubricity, fuel stability,

corrosion protection and water tolerance.

Unlike the competition, it is not just an anti-freeze, injection cleaner, cetane booster or lubricant,

it is four functions in one concentrated formula:

1.     Injector and fuel system cleaner

2.     Fuel system lubricator

3.     Cetane boost

4.     Anti-gel

Quality fuel additives will make your engine run better and work more efficiently. Our product will  clean the upper part of your engine, increase power and performance, increase fuel system life, reduce exhaust emissions, stabilize fuel and improve cold temperature fuel performance. 

Deposits in the fuel system result in the following:

·         Lost fuel economy

·         Lost power and poor throttle response

·         Failed emission tests

·         Poor drivability and surging

·         Hesitation, stalling and rough idle

·         Engine knocking (pinging) and rap

·         Difficult starts

Eco-Tek 4-in-1 is a premium fuel additive formulated to thoroughly restore peak performance in fuel systems. It also stabilizes fuel between uses and during short term storage periods. Its revolutionary technology focuses in four major fuel-related issues plaguing engines...water, dirty pump fuel, low lubricity content and low octane numbers.

The cleaning aspect of Eco-Tek 4-in-1 dissolves and removes fuel system deposits and other contaminants for improved power and overall performance in gasoline engines. It reduces PVC and EGR system deposits and exhaust emissions while improving engine idle, response and starting.

The octane boost aspect of Eco-Tek 4-in-1 Diesel Treatment improves the performance of all diesel engines. It maximizes power, reduces engine knock and improves ignition and engine response.

If you have any questions concerning our products or if you wish to inquire about dealer opportunities, please forward an e-mail or contact us directly @ 888-970-3265.

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